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H. A. Shah Group at a Glimpse


The H. A. Shah Group of Companies, originally only a singular entity by the name of H. A. Shah & Sons, was founded in 1890 as a leading construction company in Ludhiana, India. Post partition, the business was re-continued in 1965 by the family’s 2nd generation, Mr. Ashraf Hussain Bokhari, & it wasn’t until another decade that the company took its roots in the chemical analysis market of Pakistan, with the new head office shifted to the country’s capital, Islamabad, in 1975. Starting off as the exclusive distributor of Metrohm (Switzerland) and Anton Paar (Austria), H. A. Shah & Sons set a milestone in the history of Pakistan’s chemical analysis industry, as this was the first time that industrial devices and products relevant to this field and manufactured by the global market leaders were made available in the country.

Mr. Ashraf Bokhari’s vision thus enabled the H. A. Shah group to achieve the pioneer status that it has today in the country’s chemical analysis and life sciences industry, and instilled in it its drive for excellence. In the years that followed, the company saw phenomenal growth and success, and went on to represent Agilent Technologies, Eppendorf, Retsch, New Brunswick Scientific, Metrohm Applikon and Metrohm Autolab B.V., as the market of our products expanded into areas such as Research & Development (Universities/Health Institutes) and Quality Control (Corporate/Govt.). In the late-nineties, the company leadership passed on to Mr. Bokhari’s sons, Mr. Musharraf Bokhari, Mr. Zulfiqar Bokhari and Mr. Waqar Bokhari, who with their dynamic business intellect gave further momentum to the H. A. Shah journey of excellence.

In October 2014, the H. A. Shah Group entered the security and surveillance industry by launching a joint venture with Proline Information Systems, a Turkish company involved in integrated intelligence solutions. Proline has branches in Istanbul, Ankara, Doha(Qatar), and now also in major cities of Pakistan. This joint venture further strengthens H. A. Shah Group’s ages old motto of Diversity.

With its global offices in Pakistan, Bangladesh and UAE, today the group has become one of the leading brands in its extremely diverse area of business. As of now the H. A. Shah Group has three companies (H. A. Shah & Sons and Chrom World) and one joint venture (Proline Information Systems Pakistan).